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Consulting and Coaching Program

Video Marketing Strategies

Video marketing strategies are featured in my Platinum One-On-One Coaching Program.

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You are walked through each step of the digital marketing process until you feel comfortable.

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network marketing strategies

You learn techniques that help build and protect your team and assets by owning your list.

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Welcome to my personal page

I'm a Video and Digital Marketing Director and Consultant. I've been marketing online for over 8 years with several years of offline marketing experience.

Prior to becoming a digital marketer, I was a financial strategist with a network marketing company. I also worked in the mortgage industry for many years.

"Up until now I’ve been building video marketing funnels and shooting live videos for clients. I've also taught classes on video creation and marketing, yet most of my business has been hands-on work."

The challenge with being one-hundred percent accessible in business is that you are limited to helping a few people at one time. In my example producing live-action video is fun but it's very much offline and work-intensive.

One-on-one Video and Digital Coaching Program -

Coaching Program

Out of necessity, I created the One-On-One Video And Digital Marketing Coaching and Consulting Program which is 90 percent web-based.

I want to help you eliminate endless physical meetings, unnecessary hours sitting in traffic, and drawn out appointments with prospects that don't qualify to do business with you.

Who It's For

This new marketing system is designed specifically for entrepreneurs, network marketers, and digital marketers who want a personal assistant, but may not be ready for the commitment of an employee.

Or, you simply want to learn more about what is involved in the elements of online marketing and want to become proficient at it.  


The One-On-One program has many personalized elements where you and I will work together each week using live video sessions, private email, and access to private blog content. The goal is that we make progress on a specific directive each week.


Here are some of the elements that we will be considering in my one-on-one program:

  • Video Lead Page Design And Development
  • Lead Page Split Testing
  • Video Thank-You Page Development
  • Email Follow Up Development
  • Video Confirmation Page Development
  • Video Opt-in Box Design And Content
  • Video SMM Page Development
  • and much more...

"What I noticed about my own business is that I spend so much time working with a small group of individuals, but I can only do so much in a 24 hour day. I soon realized that I wasn't able to serve the community at the level that I wanted."

Do you also feel that you are at the point where you want to up your game, but you feel like you're at your fullest capacity? 

Transforming your business by expanding your capacity is one of the many subjects we will cover in this one-on-one program. The premise is that you must become effective at building your own marketing systems without feeling overwhelmed simply because you are independent. 

Who This Program Is Not For
No fluff here. This program is not for those who are faint at heart about marketing. Nor is it for someone who is not prepared to invest in a coaching program.

In my video, we'll talk about who is the best candidate for the One-On-One. Not to worry though, there is also a group coaching program not far away.